This website and blog were birthed from a single question:

What does a safe space for dancers look like?

And that question is what this whole shebang is about. This website isn’t as preoccupied with the actual answer to that question as it is curious about the process of getting TO that answer. It’s also an exploration of the “why” behind the question. Why do we NEED to carve out safe spaces for dancers aside from the studio? Why don’t dancers already feel safe?

But let’s first get down to who we’re actually talking about here.


That’s right, this blog exists for you. And before you check out–sending your eyes a-glaze and your mouse a-scrolling–I’m not just talking about trained dancers as you’ve come to know them. Dancers aren’t just the ones who have contracts, gigs, or can stand on their toes. They’re not just the hustlers in L.A. and the part-time servers in New York.

Don’t get me wrong, those guys are dancers too, but honey, this blog is going to preach something that you probably haven’t heard since kindergarten:

We are all dancers.

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That’s right.

Do you have a heart-beat?

Is there over a gallon of blood moving rhythmically through your veins right now?

Are some trillion of synapses occurring in your brain as you’re reading this?

Let me help you out here. The answer is “yes.” And guess what! You were born with a plethora of natural movements that kept you alive both when you were in your mother and after you came out of her. You breathe and that movement is life. What’s more, for most of us, nobody really had to teach us how to do it. It was a gift. It came naturally.

Just like dance.

The Why

Here’s the problem. Somewhere along the way, someone told you that your version of swaying to the music was funny. They told you it wasn’t right. Maybe you got to a certain level in your dance career, and when you weren’t hired again you said, “That’s it. I’m not a dancer anymore.”

Oh no, child. Nobody takes that away from you. This is a call for us to expand our definition of dance, to look past the observable, and see the heart of it. Together.

This is our opportunity to recognize that when kingdom comes, we’ll all be dancing together anyways. We might at well start now!

This is my little foot forward in that pursuit. These words are my stake in the ground, a claiming of space for the work to begin. This is a space for you to talk about life, to learn about living embodied in YOUR body and dancing in YOUR way. This is our power stance in the universe of things. It’s also a place to laugh and to be.

Eternity starts now, my loves.

Let’s claim it.

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